Azure CLI で Azure ARM:これだけ!シリーズ その6

$ azure availset create -g g-TokyoIaaS -l JapanEast -n avset-for-web
info:    Executing command availset create
+ Looking up the availability set "avset-for-web"
+ Creating availability set "avset-for-web"
info:    availset create command OK

$ azure vm create -g g-TokyoIaaS -l JapanEast -y Windows -n web14 -u hogeadmin -p hogepassword -f nic-web14 -z Standard_D1 -r avset-for-web -o storageaccountname -R vhds -d web14.vhd --image-urn MicrosoftWindowsServer:WindowsServer:2012-R2-Datacenter:latest
info:    Executing command vm create
+ Looking up the VM "web14"
info:    Using the VM Size "Standard_D1"
info:    The [OS, Data] Disk or image configuration requires storage account
+ Looking up the storage account storageaccountname
+ Looking up the availability set "avset-for-web"
info:    Found an Availability set "avset-for-web"
+ Looking up the NIC "nic-web14"
info:    Found an existing NIC "nic-web14"
info:    Found an IP configuration with virtual network subnet id "/subscriptions/XXX/resourceGroups/g-TokyoIaaS/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/vNet-Tokyo/subnets/subnet-172.16.1" in the NIC "nic-web14"
info:    This is an NIC without publicIP configured
+ Creating VM "web14"
info:    vm create command OK


Azure CLI で Azure ARM:これだけ!シリーズ その5

$ azure network nic address-pool add -g g-TokyoIaaS -l lb-web -a lbwebAddressPool -n nic-web14
info:    Executing command network nic address-pool add
+ Looking up the network interface "nic-web14"           
+ Looking up the load balancer "lb-web"
+ Updating network interface "nic-web14"
info:    network nic address-pool add command OK

$ azure network lb inbound-nat-rule create -g g-TokyoIaaS -l lb-web -f 50014 -b 3389 -i frontend-Web -n natruleFor-nic-web14
info:    Executing command network lb inbound-nat-rule create
+ Looking up the load balancer "lb-web"
+ Updating load balancer "lb-web"
+ Looking up the load balancer "lb-web"
data:    Id                              : /subscriptions/XXX/resourceGroups/g-TokyoIaaS/providers/Microsoft.Network/loadBalancers/lb-web/inboundNatRules/natruleFor-nic-web14
data:    Type                            : Microsoft.Network/loadBalancers/inboundNatRules
data:    Name                            : natruleFor-nic-web14
data:    Provisioning state              : Succeeded
data:    Protocol                        : Tcp
data:    Frontend port                   : 50014
data:    Backend port                    : 3389
data:    Enable floating IP              : false
data:    Idle timeout in minutes         : 4
data:    Frontend IP configuration       : /subscriptions/XXX/resourceGroups/g-TokyoIaaS/providers/Microsoft.Network/loadBalancers/lb-web/frontendIPConfigurations/frontend-Web
info:    network lb inbound-nat-rule create command OK

$ azure network nic inbound-nat-rule add -g g-TokyoIaaS -l lb-web -r natruleFor-nic-web14 -n nic-web14
info:    Executing command network nic inbound-nat-rule add
+ Looking up the network interface "nic-web14"          
+ Looking up the load balancer "lb-web"
+ Updating network interface "nic-web14"
info:    network nic inbound-nat-rule add command OK

仮想マシン イメージ(テンプレート)を、異なるリージョンにコピー Azure CLI編


異なるリージョン間でなくても、Azure Storage Account間でも同様です。

SRM な Storage Account からARM な Storage Account へのお引っ越しにも使えます。

$ azure storage blob copy start -a storageaccount1 -k keyOfStorageAccount1 --source-container vhds --source-blob WS2012R2-Template.vhd --dest-account-name storageaccount2 --dest-account-key keyOfStorageAccount2 --dest-container vhds --dest-blob WS2012R2-Template.vhd

info:    Executing command storage blob copy start
- Start copying blob https://storageaccount1.blob.core.windows.net/vhds/WS2012R2-Template.vhd?xxx
data:    Copy ID                               Status 
data:    ------------------------------------  -------
info:    storage blob copy start command OK

# ストレージアカウント、仮想ディスク、仮想Disk


複数のサブスクリプションから、利用するサブスクリプションを選択 Azure CLI編

> azure login

info: Executing command login
warn: Please note that currently you can login only via Microsoft organizational account or service principal. For instructions on how to set them up, please read http://aka.ms/Dhf67j.
Username: hoge@hoge.com

-info: Added subscription Plan XXX
info: Added subscription Plan YYY
info: Added subscription Plan ZZZ
info: Setting subscription "Plan YYY" as default
info: login command OK

>azure account list

info:    Executing command account list
data:    Name                                  Id                                    Tenant Id                             Current
data:    ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------  ------------------------------------  -------
data:    Plan XXX                              XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX  XaXaXaXa-XaXa-XaXa-XaXa-XaXaXaXaXaXa  false
data:    Plan YYY                              YYYYYYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYY-YYYYYYYYYYYY  YaYaYaYa-YaYa-YaYa-YaYa-YaYaYaYaYaYa  true
data:    Plan ZZZ                              ZZZZZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZZ  ZaZaZaZa-ZaZa-ZaZa-ZaZa-ZaZaZaZaZaZa  false
info:    account list command OK

Current 列が true
となっているサブスクリプション(Plan YYY)が、現在コンソールで操作対象になっているサブスクリプション。

たとえば、Plan ZZZ に変更する場合、
info: Executing command account set
info: Setting subscription to "Plan ZZZ" with id "ZZZZZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZZZZZZZZZ".
info: Changes saved
info: account set command OK

# subscription




Azureに限った話では無く、Windows Server OS一般の話です。


# Data Disk, 拡張