Azure CLI で Azure ARM:これだけ!シリーズ その1

$ azure login
info:    Executing command login
warn:    Please note that currently you can login only via Microsoft organizational account or service principal. For instructions on how to set them up, please read http://aka.ms/Dhf67j.
Username: hoge@hogehoge.com
Password: *
\info:    Added subscription XXX                
info:    Setting subscription XXX as default
info:    login command OK

$ azure config mode arm
info:    New mode is arm

$ azure group create -n g-TokyoIaaS -l JapanEast
info:    Executing command group create
+ Getting resource group g-TokyoIaaS         
+ Creating resource group g-TokyoIaaS      
info:    Created resource group g-TokyoIaaS
data:    Id:                  /subscriptions/XXX/resourceGroups/g-TokyoIaaS
data:    Name:                g-TokyoIaaS
data:    Location:            japaneast
data:    Provisioning State:  Succeeded
data:    Tags: null
info:    group create command OK