ExpressRoute と IPsecVPN の共存

Configure ExpressRoute and Site-to-Site VPN connections to coexist

=== 重要事項コピペ
•Both the ExpressRoute gateway and the Site-to-Site VPN gateway must be either a Standard or HighPerformance gateway SKU.
•If your local network is connected to both ExpressRoute and a Site-to-Site VPN (Scenario 1), you should have a static route configured in your local network to route the Site-to-Site VPN connection to the public Internet. ### ここでいう "a static route" は、BGPやRIPやOSPFなどのdynamic routing protocolではなく・・・、という意味。
•You must create the ExpressRoute gateway first, before you add the Site-to-Site VPN gateway.
•The gateway subnet for the virtual network must be /27 (or a shorter prefix).
•You won’t be able to route (via Azure) between your local network connected via Site-to-Site VPN and your local network connected via ExpressRoute.